Scoop it Up

About The Game

Scoop It Up is a 3D 3rd person shooting game in which Players try to survive and navigate the backyard in which the kids birthday party is held. Player is faced with hazards and pelting enemies who want to eat icecream, the player must defeat or avoid kids and reach the ​Ice Cream Truck ALIVE!

In the middle of summer an icecream truck is on its way to sell its delicious treats when an icy meteor from heaven hits the truck. EVERYTHING CHANGES NOW The player (IceCreamCone )Emerges from the wreckage and the icy dust, while exploring the world around him, he is attacked by kids who are trying to eat him.In order to save him self he uses his scoops as a weapon to distract and defeat the kids to avoid being eaten and must reach the ​Ice Cream Truck ALIVE!


The Team

Keely Brown

Game Programmer

Abhishek Tippireddy

Game Programmer

Jigar Vavadia

Game/Level Designer

Samir Katerynych

Game/Level Designer

Allison Lownie

Erin Lyu

Ying Ying Song