Mr. Puddle

About The Game

Mr. Puddle is a mobile two-dimensional puzzle-platformer that has players manipulate gravity and water to solve problems. Players tilt their device to move around, increasingly complex, single-screen challenge rooms. Tapping the right side of the screen inverts gravity, affecting the player and their surroundings. Tapping the left side of the screen freezes and thaws all ice blocks on the screen, creating openings or walkable platforms. Players need problem-solving skills and proper timing to beat the heftier challenges.

Players take control of a Kappa, an iconic figure from Japanese folklore, as they collect water and find new locations and challenges.

Colourful pixel art and original music make for a cute and captivating presentation. Mr. Puddle provides a satisfying and challenging experience.


The Team

James Stringer

Eric Cunningham

Xue Mao

Bo Ye

Joy Chang

Elliott Chkayben