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About The Game:

A fast-paced Score-Attack Action Platformer set on the volatile planet Deliveron 5. You play as a gig worker for an anonymous interplanetary delivery service, with 10 minutes to make as many deliveries as possible.

Navigate through destroyed cityscapes and treacherous terrain, contending with hostile robots and collecting boost powerups. Your laser gun allows you to destroy explosive robots, use floating robots as bounce pads, and break valuable crates.

Collect battery power to activate a blast charge ability, speeding through terrain and breaking weakened structures. Watch out for the roaming Basilisks and ensure you make it to your rocket ship within a minute after your shift, or face a penalty for missing your ride home!

Year: 2023


Serin Chun

· Artist

Sin Yee Tang

· Programmer

Fahreen Bushra

·  Programmer

Xiuyu Zhang

· Programmer

Hao Wang

· Level Design

Lilan Ma

· Level Design

Chris R Shantz

· Level Design