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About The Game: Embark on a thrilling third-person adventure in the dark-fantasy world of CODE:X, where the player takes on the role of cyborg X and his trusty robot companion Y as they venture forth into the shadows.

In this desolate world of wasteland, the shadows hold secrets and dangers of their own. X and Y must investigate and defeat the enemies at all costs so that humanity can take back the lands.

Fear not, as X, who is skilled in the art of combat, allows you to experience high-mobility battles with an intricate Holo-weapons system. Additionally, X can harness the power of light and shadow, using them to gain an advantage in the fight.

Venture forth into the unknown and discover the truth that lies hidden within the shadows.

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Year: 2023


Yun Yin Lin (Joyce)

· Project Director, UI Programmer, Level Designer –

Ranran Lu (Viv)

· Team Manager, Level Designer, Art Specialist –

Ziyang Lu (Leo)

· Level Designer, Mechanic/Combat Designer –

Chenyao Shi (Chandler)

· Technical Lead, Mechanic/Combat Programmer –

Tristen Hubert-Wilmsmeyer

· Programmer, Mechanic/Combat Designer –

Yue Li (Joy)

· 2/3D Artist, 3D Modeler/Animator –