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Big vs Them All


About The Game:

THE BIG VS THEM ALL is an asymmetrical competitive PVP game, where 2 players go head-to-head to see who sits at the top of the food chain.

Player 1 takes control of the Kaiju, an ever-growing hulking monster with an insatiable appetite for destruction, while Player 2 takes control of the CDF, the futuristic invading army determined to extract the planet of its natural resources.

Play as either faction in a battle area designed for strategic gameplay and large-scale combat.

Take and use the planets geomatic energy to defend or destroy, hunt the planets indigenous creatures, capture erupting energy deposits, upgrade your skills and structures, and defeat your enemy’s using variety of strategies, abilities, and army units.

It’s up to you; will you choose to invade, or to destroy. Whichever you choose, the ultimate battle will be between THE BIG VS THEM ALL.

Year: 2023


Daniel Megaffin

· Producer / System Designer

Alexi Khailtuud

· Level Designer

Han (Charlotte) Qiao

· Level & UI Designer / 2D Artist

Adriano Mazzucco

· Gameplay Programmer

Aman Kartha

· Network Programmer

Yixing (Tony) Zhang

· Generalist Artist