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For the Record

About The Game:

For the Record is a dark puzzle game where you must use the music from your record player to combat enemies and solve puzzles to escape your nightmare. In For the Record, you find yourself in an abandoned music school where you used to attend. Your hardships and trauma from your time there has twisted your idea of how you remember it. Your old classmates have turned into unsettling, distorted figures that are out to get you. You are equipped with a record player that has magical properties that can combat these beings and is the only way you can escape this place. Use it to put them asleep, take control of them and even make them turn against each other. The only way to wake up from this nightmare is to escape the school, good luck…

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Year: 2022


Tzu-Ching Lin – Level Designer/Game Designer
Spencer Verdurmen – Level Designer/Game Designer
Preet Bhatt – Programmer
Mingjia Li – Programmer
Youran Qian – Artist