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Finned Folk: Into the Emptiness


About The Game:

Long ago, a meteor hit the planet Lunomia, fracturing off a piece of the land, sinking it to the depths of the ocean. This is where the Coral Sphere formed, home to the finned folk. For many years, they built their community, fish were plentiful and the finned folk were happy. As the years passed, their home and food supply became threatened by sea monsters who inhabit the area outside the sphere, the Emptiness. You as the brave young hero, have chosen to explore the Emptiness to find new fishing grounds and help save the finned folk and your world. On your journey, you meet interesting characters, discover treasures, new species of fish and find the courage to battle the legendary beasts of the ocean.

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Year: 2022


Ken Stevens

· Level Designer/Concept and UI Artist ·

 Justin Power

· Programmer/Level Designer ·

 Xinyu Dong

· Programmer ·

 Xinyen Liu

· Level Designer/Environment Design ·

 Westley LeDonne

· 3D Artist/Animator ·