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Hoag’s End

Hoag’s End

About The Game:

Hoag’s End is a multiplayer real-time strategy battle game. The game took place in the galaxy “Hoag’s Object”. In the near future, the Earth does not meet the needs of human habitation. In order to grab new resources in the vast universe, people start the battle. Players can play as a soldier, build and command ships in the battle, capture planets and acquire resources, upgrade technology, finally defeat the enemy and destroy their base.

In Hoag’s End, you need to analyze the situation, gather information, and make decisions on technology upgrades. At the same time, you also need to engage with the enemy at close range, report the location of the enemies. You will also need to communicate with your teammates and cooperate to achieve victory.

Hoag’s End is a strategy-oriented game with less learning cost. If you are new to RTS, we have minimized the impact of micro-operations so all operations can be done with only the mouse. If you are an experienced player, custom hotkeys can make you more comfortable in the battle. All players can have a unique experience.

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Year: 2021


Sizhe Xu
Game/Level Designer, Project Manager

Jiayue Wu
Game/Level Designer

Meena Devi Harry Persad
Level/Sound designer

Irvin Lam

Lei Li

Zihe Zhang

Omais Rasool Khan