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Space Shepherd

Space Shepherd

About The Game:

The player is a shepherd roaming in space, and it is his/her mission to collect sheep and take them to their destination. However, because the road is long, collecting and building the player’s home planet, the Pocket Planet, is an inevitable element of success.

Traveling the universe, the player will encounter other planets besides the player’s Pocket Planet, which is a good time to trade, explore and meet new friends.

Synthesizing props, cooking food, collecting materials, obtaining equipment, and earning more money, are all the basis for you to move freely in the universe. It will also make your sheep happy!

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Year: 2021


Matthew Smith

Richard Roberts

Xiaolin Liu
World/Level designer, UI designer and Project manager

Yiming Li
System designer, Map designer and Narrative designer

Haoshu Shao
Game designer

Rae Minos
Game Artist, Modeler and Animator