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Wild Shape

About The Game:

Explore the world of Wild Shape, a land where Shapeshifters and Machines roam, conflicted in an eternal battle.

Both Shapeshifters and Machines harness the world’s innate natural energy. Shapeshifters work with this energy, letting the power flow through them and return to nature. The Machines, however, crudely take this energy, extracting it from the land and from the living beings around them in order to power themselves.

Play as a Shapeshifter, who has met firsthand the cruel ways of the Machines, and fight for the fate of your people and the world you call your home.

Year: 2020


Dakshvir Singh Rehill – Gameplay and AI Programmer, Project Manager
Aditya Dinesh – Gameplay and AI Programmer, Tech Lead
Camila Kukulski – Level Designer, Narrative Designer
Jesse Aguirre – Level Designer, QA Lead
Erin McDermott – Character Artist / Narrative
Jolie Wu – Environmental Artist
Yun Bao – Environmental Artist