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Ahmmit’s Gate

About The Game:

Ahmmit’s Gate is a reverse horror game where you play as Ahmmit, a blind monster that lives off the fear of humans. Her eggs have been stolen and she has torn her way into this dimension to recover her kin. Ahmmit can’t stay in this world for long so you have to track your eggs down and return to the gate before you perish. Echolocate, explore, and pounce your way through a museum under construction. Stick to the shadows and terrify the pesky guards before you consume their fear!

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Year: 2020


Vincent Le – Game Designer, Team Lead
Alessandro Profenna – Programmer, Project Manager
Huzaifa Saboowala – Programmer, AI Programmer
Justin Hole – Programmer, Narrative Designer
Jiajun Liang – Level Designer
Vandie Bearss – Artist, Animator
Jacqueline Ly – Environmental Artist