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Empyreum: Ascension

Empyreum: Ascension

About The Game:

“Empyreum: Ascension” is a third person cover-based shooter with character-switching mechanic. It is set in the cyberpunk setting of Toronto, year 2100. Players can switch between 3 distinct characters and will have to infiltrate the headquarters of Empyreum, the largest and most globally-powerful corporation manufacturing cybernetic implants, chips and weapons. The three characters (Akari, Eli and ACU-277) also have special abilities: Akari’s stun, that electrocutes enemies in an area; Eli’s Teleport, that kills on impact; and ACU-277’s Dash, that deals damage to all enemies hit. “Empyreum: Ascension” is an action packed game that gives the player a variety of options and caters to different play styles.

Year: 2015


George Macharashvili
Abhishek Chandra
Mauricio Galvez
Julie Maksymova
Li (Khaos) Yin
Grey Fairey