The White of Their Eyes

About The Game

Your village stands just beyond the edge of a forgotten, forbidden land. Become the chosen one in The Whites of Their Eyes as you venture into the land to uncover its mysteries. With a powerful relic in hand, the Naga Rope, you will make your way through the environment, and defeat the beast that threatens your people.

The Whites of Their Eyes centers around the Naga Rope, a magical relic which the player must use to navigate the environment. Swing and pull your way to the boss. Defeat it to secure the safety of your village.

Be cautious as you explore. You may not be the first to have entered this forbidden land…


The Team

Rishi Barnwal

Programmer, Sound Designer, Project Manager

Jesse Berube

Patric Guo

Level Designer, Environment Artist

Nguyen (Win) Truong

Level Designer, Environment Artist

Kelly Hui Hidalgo

Character Artist, Animator

Perrin Lew

Character Artist, Animator